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The excellence of the technological solutions we design is intrinsically linked to the challenges that our clients throw at us every day.


We start with a deep insight into the customer’s needs, develop a solution tailored to the various goals, and do a full follow-up of the project, from the on-site implementation to the management and monitoring of the chosen solution.

Field Service

We provide a field service in which our professionals visit the client to solve problems related to software issues, equipment maintenance, data protection, among many others. These services are provided by highly qualified technicians who also serve as the direct channel for interaction with the client.

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We provide qualified professionals to integrate our clients’ teams. We have specialized consultants to oversee all kinds of projects. We guarantee that they will be permanently followed up and trained, that they will be quickly integrated, and that they will be flexible in their ability to follow the different phases of the operation.

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Enterprise Solutions

We design and implement solutions and services for enterprises ranging from infrastructure to software applications. They can be used by any business structure, regardless of its size or complexity, and are implemented through our partnerships with the most renowned manufacturers and bodies in the ICT sector.

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There are several characteristics that distinguish Wondercom and that can give you an advantage when it comes to investing in a technological solution. The soundness and effectiveness of our services is solidified by all the means we have in the field and by two decades of experience: we can ensure a well-oiled machine that doesn’t fail.

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