Initiatives for a
brighter future

At Wondercom, sustainability is embraced through a set of actions directed at its stakeholders, aiming at organizational growth


We are rooted in our values:

We adopt ethical attitudes

We implement procedures aimed at economic growth

We contribute to environmental protection

We promote employee health and safety

We contribute to a better society

The implemented integrated Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety management system is a comprehensive, dynamic, and crucial management tool that allows you to find out the status of the organization at any given moment. The system supports decision making in optimizing efforts and resources, ensuring the satisfaction of the stakeholders and the sustainability of the business.

The pillars of the Wondercom system are:

Client Satisfaction

Environmental Protection

Protecting the Health of its Employees

Cooperating with social institutions

It is within this scope and with these goals in mind that the
Wondercom QES Policy, as well as its Mission, Vision, and Values, were outlined.

QES Certification

The decision to certify its integrated management system was taken as a demonstration of the commitment that Wondercom has made to its stakeholders (clients, employees, partners and society) and that is outlined in Wondercom’s Policy. Thus, the integrated quality, environment, and occupational safety and health management system is certified in accordance with the regulatory standards: